FaceApp has more than 150 million users data

FaceApp has more than 150 million users data

The facial recognition application from young to age has a huge data source, not just the user name.


According to Forbes, FaceApp’s application has more data than 150 uses in the world in short time. Private on the Android platform, this software has hundreds of millions of trucks left. FaceApp is also among the most popular iOS apps at 121 national research agency on App Annie.


Came out of 2017, but FaceApp started a red fever on social networks in a week back here. Behavior allowed to create an old portrait in the future, by adding to the effects of hair, skin or hair wrinkles, shape after proper execution, so many of their favorites.


FaceApp has more than 150 million users data

FaceApp uploads photos to the Internet and uses cloud computing, AI to edit effects.


However, in exchange for this is a big risk of security. According to the American newspaper, FaceApp doesn’t only use a picture that the user chooses to edit reality, it can also access the entire album on the device, once it’s authorized to use it.


Besides, when using it was also authorized to access some other data than the image of Siri or the search assistant on Android. Even, it can handle background data, exchange information to the Internet even if the application doesn’t work.


Meanwhile, according to the tree written Peter Kostadinov of Phone Arena Technologies, FaceApp can use the portrait data he used to train the AI facial recognition algorithm. Because outside the image, this application also got the user’s name. Combining these two data will create a number of people’s personal identities.


In the terms of the use, the FaceApp app shows that there’s always a security detail. However, it’s different than a lot of normal image modification directly on the user device, FaceApp images to the Internet environment and process the clouds.


FaceApp was run by Wireless Lab OOO, headquarters in St. Petersburg. It also has another branch in the Delaware, according to the Washington Post. Yaroslav Goncharov is the father of FaceApp. According to LinkedIn files, he’s the CEO of FaceApp from five 2014, but images and images and information about this man on the Internet very little. Some of the recent reports indicate that FaceApp is considered related to the Russian government.


The recent American officials have asked the FBI to run an application for FaceApp by the risk of protecting personal information and related to the Russian government. Last year, the U.S. government had a lot of trouble when the U.S. election year 2016 was considered to have been affected by the individual leaks of millions of social networking online online networks, via Cambridge Analytica applications.

British (according to Forbes)


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