Explaining the bottles of fine wine… no one wants to drink

Explaining the bottles of fine wine… no one wants to drink

Explaining the bottles of fine wine… no one wants to drink

Mr. Tullio Masoni, the owner of “the smallest vineyard in the world” makes a unique wine for $5,000 per bottle but does not want guests to drink.

Mr. Tullio Masoni at the entrance of the Via Mari 10 building
A businessman, art collector and former investment banker, Tullio Masoni built the world’s smallest vineyard atop a century-old castle XVI in the center of Reggio Emilia – the town famous .
This town, located between Parma and Modena, gives Italy some of its world-famous exports. Among them can be mentioned two famous supercar manufacturers Ferrari, Lamborghini and staples such as Lasagne, Tortellini, Prosciutto di Parma and Ragù alla Bolognese.
The wine produced by the Tullio Masoni family is not meant to be drunk, although it is judged to have a fine taste and is great to enjoy. This is really a surprise for gourmets around the world.
The Tullio Masoni family grows grapes on the rooftop of Via Mari 10, which is also the name of the wine they produce. It is also a famous historical site. In 1859, the revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi of the boot-shaped country visited and stayed here.

Sangiovese Vineyard on Via Mari 10
Tullio Masoni said: “My father was a winemaker. I inherited a vineyard in the countryside around Reggio Emilia and inherited the family wine business. However, when I looked at the accounting books, I realized that I spent more than I earned because I did not have a methodical production investment plan. After that, I sold the garden left by my father.
I thought a lot and regretted not being able to keep the family garden. Twenty years later, I’ve grown my own rooftop “pocket grape farm”.
The vineyard covers an area of ​​just 20 square metres, and Via Mari 10 produces 29 bottles of red wine per year. The bottles of red wine are valued at 5,000 euros by Mr. Masoni (about 5,000 USD). However, Mr. Tullio Masoni has raised the brand and style of culinary enjoyment to a new level, unique in the world.
The 29 bottles of wine produced by the Masoni family are not sold in traditional liquor stores or supermarkets, but are all arranged in the Bonioni Arte art gallery a few blocks away.

The wine is aged and bottled in the castle, which has a roof vineyard and produces only 29 bottles of wine per year
Mr. Tullio Masoni proudly said: “The wine that my family produces and sells is a work of art, philosophical and with a long history. It’s a piece to display in the living room and you can chat about it with your friends, telling them about the special grape grower on the terrace.
Just like the artwork “Bicycle Wheel” by French artist Marcel Duchamp. A bicycle wheel mounted by the artist on a stool in a Paris studio in 1913 was later presented as an art installation, called Readymades. If you see a bicycle wheel in a living room that isn’t a repair shop, you’ll realize how beautiful it is. So is my vineyard. It stimulates the brain, sparks new thoughts.”
This strange connection between wine and art was inspired by a sculpture of grapes growing on a vine by a local artist named Oscar Accorsi. “My grapes have been a work of art since they were born,” Masoni asserts.

The oak barrels for aging wine are sculptures made by a local artist
Not only that, but his entire production process for a complete bottle of wine is filled with artistic “breath”. The wine aged in oak barrels is also a sculpture representing the male and female pair by another local artist, Mr. Lorenzo Menozzi.
“I’m the only winemaker in the world that advises customers not to drink their wine,” Mr Masoni said.

Written by hoangphat

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