Apple used to spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on Twitter

Apple used to spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on Twitter

Apple was considered spending hundreds of millions of Twitter commercials, so the foundation could be difficult when Musk declared war on iPhone manufacturers.

According to Bloomberg, target Apple means the billionaire is challenging one of the most important sources on Twitter. Sources in the industry say Apple’s on the lead list of advertising on the foundation. The iPhone producer even has a private part that maintains the relationship between the two. In a long time, Apple hasn’t advertised on Facebook. Another source claims every year of the office over 100-million dollars to Twitter.

Washington Post also confirmed that in I/2022, Apple is the leading promoter of Twitter when it comes to 48 million USD, take 4%fall in the foundation.

Lou Paskalis, the marketing director at Bank of America, said, “Elon Musk is the embodiment of risk and Apple does not accept that.”

Elon Musk also confirms Apple’s been practically off Twitter commercials this week.


Elon Musk (left) and Tim Cook. Photo: AFP and Associated Press

More importantly, Apple runs the App Store… the portal is connected to Twitter. If it’s banned on Apple’s store, Twitter’s gonna be a big deal. Apple Tim Cook hasn’t issued any prior comments yet, but on 28/11, Musk insists on social media, “Apple Threat Twitter from App Store.”


In a tweet before that, Musk said if Twitter was removed from the appraisal, you’d consider using private smartphone. Tensions continue to escalate when you continue to criticize a 30-5-to-pick on the App Store. The U.S. billionaire even posted pictures of the highway with two options “”30″” or “combat”.


Musk’s not the first one to pay too much for App Store. Before that, the legal war between Epic Games and Apple on this fee has happened and yet there is no final result.
Meanwhile, since Musk took Twitter, a lot of advertisers have left out of concern due to the billionaires. On a list of large publicity companies from Twitter with Audi, Pfizer, General Motors, Volkswagen… after you restored the account to the former Donal Trump, the high-end leader of Apple is Phil Schiller’s Schiller’s Financy.

(according to Business Insider)


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