Apple accelerates production expansion outside of China

Apple accelerates production expansion outside of China

The disruption in the Chinese supply chain has enabled Apple to expand its operations in India, Vietnam.


Sources of WSJ said these past few weeks, Apple has asked his partners to quickly diversify their supply sequence to Asian countries, especially India and Vietnam. One of the causes of stress in the Foxconn Industries factory. High season, the world’s largest iPhone machine in the world has offered 85%Phone Pro to the global warming market thanks to the quarterback team of heroes at 3000. However, the incident in the factory makes Foxconn’s position to be affected.


Apple accelerates production expansion outside of China                     Foxconn has been tested for Covid-19 at the factory. AP Image


Experts think that outside China, the factory in India, Vietnam was also able to build high-end equipment. Apple, however, is not easily changed when the firm’s relations with the Chinese chains are set for years. Every year, the factory uses an iPhone eye, iPad, MacBook and other products, so it’s hard to change horses in the street.Kate Whitehead, former CEO of Apple, said, “Search all the pieces to diversify the sequence as Apple wanted not to be easy, but the iPhone vendors are actively active.”


According to Ming-chi Kuo, the analyst at TF International Securities, the long target of Apple is shipping 40-45%the ability to produce iPhone to India. In the meantime, Vietnam can ensure AirPods production, Appe Watch and MacBook.


The latest reading of Couterpoint Research research examinations indicate that the client wants to purchase an iPhone 14 model in America has to wait 37 a day. Which means, if you ordered today’s machine, the user can’t get it in time for Christmas, but wait till January 1/2023. This is the longest time in 15 of iPhone.

Long time ago, the Apple leaders became aware of the risk of being too dependent on the plant in China. However, these years, they acted out of hand. The hard work, the high-tech and the giant market are the reasons that Apple hesitated. But the Foxconn Zheng factory since the end of the month 10, Apple had to make a tough decision.

It’s not easy to move to Vietnam or India. Dan Panzica, another former CEO of Foxconn, tells us the production industry of Vietnam is growing fast but not enough industrial workers. “Vietnam has 100’s population, factories that can expand their scale to 60 00, but this number can’t be compared to the city of iPhone,” Mr. Panzica says.

Meanwhile, India has the equivalent of China but the rule in every state is different makes the companies deal before they set up the equipment chain. “India is like the wild west about the law of export, import”, Panzica recognizes.


According to experts, in plan to leave China, Apple may not build a new iPhone city instead of “satellites village” to widen the supply chain.

Jiang (according to WSJ)

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