AMD – from stalking to peering Intel

AMD – from stalking to peering Intel

After decades only following his opponent’s market, the AMD chip market has been matched to Intel.
Earlier this year, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) made history when the market value of 197,75-billion USD, first time over 7,24-billion USD billion USD. Now, both of you are currently active when AMD’s capital is 121, 33 billion USD, and Intel is 123 billion USD.


Intel Core i9 Gen 11 CPU case (left) and AMD Ryzen 9. Photo: Hiraoka


Intel has been leading the market for computers, leaving the rest of the rivals. The rising of AMD is the result of the company expanding into a whole new field. Chip AMD is appearing in two of the Tesla Ministers, an explorer on Mars Perseverance from NASA, many 5G cell towers and on the fastest computer in the world.


“AMD defeats Intel at a lot of important points. Unless Intel is active, or figure out a new direction, they might still be facing the opponent, Jay Goldberg, expert at D2D Advisory, talk to,
A decade ago, the analyst has a very different look about AMD.
“A man must have fab.”


AMD founded five 1969 by eight, head is Jerry Sanders. You later accepted the marketing role for the company. “He was one of the best sellers in the Silicon Valley”, the analysts sold Stacy Rasgon at Bernstein Research described Sanders.


Sanders was the one who invented the fab in the sell-out production. Fab is talking about a micro-circuitry factory, in which the silicon plates are gonna be made of fossil circuits. Sanders is very popular with saying “Real men have fabs” (a man has to own fab).

AMD – from stalking to peering Intel

AMD co-founder Jerry Sanders at the company’s original headquarters in Sunnyvale, California in 1969. Photo: AMD


When technology gets more advanced, the microchip production becomes expensive. Meanwhile, building every fab loses billions of USD. This is the original obstacle of AMD, before the company was crucial and tested the chip, but it was much weaker than Intel.
At the decades of 1980, Intel and AMD had a contract to trade technology. At that time, IBM started making personal computers and picked x86’s handle, but asked the company to find another partner. Intel agreed and offered AMD to be the second supplier for them. After you both cease to cooperate, AMD designed Intel’s chip to create his own product, compatible with the x86 architecture software that crashed Intel. Intel doesn’t sit still and sue AMD. However, the settlement arrangement of five 1995 continues to present to AMD’s chip permits x86, helps the computer prices become more competitive to the consumer.

Five 2006, AMD buys an ATI chip company at 5,4-billion USD. In 2009, they separated the manufacturer and named the GlobalFoundries.

Even so, GlobalFoundries is actually a advanced chip manufacturer, used in basic parts like a tightly resistant against the brakes, the screen that shows the automobile shield… while, with high product, the AMD industry still looking for the factory.
Let’s face Intel.


AMD is currently competing only with two other companies about advanced processor: Nvidia chip at the GPU and Intel in the CPU Center. Despite controlling the market less than these two competitors, the AMD has achieved significant steps since the labor of the third party.

The CPU of AMD, released the first time in five 17, considered the successful key to the company. According to the analysts, this is AMD research product from the bankruptcy.

Besides, the EPYC CPR also has a leap in the chip in the data center. Genoa, the latest product that just came out this month, promising to bring a higher performance. Dispatch clients to the AMD database with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM, IBM and Microsoft Azure.

“If you look at our business operation five years ago, it might be hard to think of the current success”, CEO AMD Lisa Su said.


AMD – from stalking to peering IntelFormer Xilinx CEO Victor Peng (left) and AMD CEO Lisa Su at an event in Munich. Photo: CNBC


In fact, AMD’s revenues have doubled three times from 5,3 billion dollars more than 16 billion dollars in the phase of 2017-2021. In which, in which, years of Intel along with increased 25-billion at US3.
Intel wasn’t fast enough, they were predicted to lose the market next year, we’d find it soon, Goldberg.

The success of AMD’s was part of asking Lisa Su to take the position of the company of 2014, is now an important character in the selling field and a member of the Science Council and American President Biden Joe’s Technology.

After she took over, the AMD has doubled three hits.

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